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Leather Meal
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Hydrolyzed leather meal


The raw material was obtained only from 100% tanned and split leather, Is complete organic matter.

「Hydrolyzed leather meal」 is animal organic matter, obtained only from 100% Steamed Leather Meal is complete organic matter. Raw materials heated under saturated steam condition to a temperature not less than 133℃ and absolute pressure 3~5㎏/㎝2 for a minimum of 20 minutes. Matching the laws standard of Japan and OIE. Then pass them through 6-7㎏/㎝2of 150℃~160℃,dehydrate and dry. Steamed Leather Meal under high term processing of the quality becomes the「Hydrolyzed leather meal」.

Steamed Leather Meal under high term processing of the quality becomes the「Hydrolyzed leather meal」.



「Hydrolyzed leather meal」 contains abundant of protein, nitrogen and organic materials that can be used as animal feed (provide the protein source) or Fertilizer of the plant (provide the nitrogen source).

The 「Hydrolyzed leather meal」 can increase in be used as the source of the protein in the animal feed of (livestock and fowl), product of the animal feed of the source of the animal.

Function(useful applications)

Adding the right amount to certain ferula, we can create a useful compound organic fertilizer. It is a suitable spreading fertilize for rhizome while turning over and ploughing the field. It also can cooperate with other fertilizer to use in fruit tree, tea tree, vegetables, flower, rice, bamboos, melon, sugarcane and general crops. (2005 Ordinance of the Japan)

Analysis report

A. Fertilizer of the plant





organic matter




Pure 100% steamed leather meal

B. animal feed



Crude  protein 


Crude  Fat     


Crude  Ash     


「Hydrolyzed leather meal」 is animal organic matter.

It is treated with the procedure of the cook response:
Pass the raw materials through the cook machine at high temperature of not less than (133℃ ) and high pressure 3bar (3-5㎏/㎝2) for a minimum of 20 minutes.
Then pass them through the dry machine at 6-7㎏/㎝2of 150℃-160℃. Dehydrate to dry.

So the final product can positively the worry free of all infectious diseases of concern (Such as Foot and Mouth Disease and Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy).


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