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Magic Red
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Hydrolyzed leather meal


Magic Red can improve slow action original animality nitrogen fertilizer. In apply fertilizer process can provide the plant nitrogen quickly and maintain long effect of the fertilizer. Magic Red is the best fertilizer of the nitrogen nowadays

Magic Red is 100 % animal complete organic matter, heated under saturated steam conditions to a temperature of not less than 133 ℃for a minimum of 40 minutes at an absolute pressure of 3~5 kg/cm2(cook and hydrlyzed). matching the standard of OIE. Handle to join the Magic Red package reaction in the process and dehydration in 150-170℃ 5-7kg/cm2 make into Magic Red.

Steamed Leather Meal under high quality term processing becomes the 「Hydrolyzed leather meal」; Hydrolyzed leather meal under high term quality becomes the Magic Red .

Analysis report



12%  (<15%)



organic matter





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